“I am so glad I stumbled upon Zach’s classes – he has designed a very thoughtful curriculum and cohort to help investors (including those aspiring to break into VC) sharpen their financial modeling and analysis muscle. Zach is very patient and very kind with his time – he will take the time that you need to REALLY understand the concept. He believes in breaking down problems and teaching absolute fundamentals which makes it easy to understand and super engaging. Definitely recommend his class!”

Aashna gupta: Corporate development at hewlett packard enterprises

“Participating in Zach’s class was such a positive experience! He tailors the class specifically to address people working in venture capital, which makes the application of the course very valuable (everything from analyzing a balance sheet to cap table analysis). It’s also a great opportunity to network with individuals working in venture across the globe! I cannot recommend this class enough – it’s well worth the commitment & Zach is a fantastic teacher.”

Abha Nath: Investor at wonder ventures

“I came into Venture Capital with very little financial background, and after working in the space, I generally lacked confidence in my financial analysis and modeling skills. Learning from Zach provided a solid foundation of knowledge that I use on a day-to-day basis, ranging from basic to advanced concepts. Zach is an incredible teacher and extremely thoughtful with how he approaches explanations for each of his students. I highly recommend his class!”

Ada Rauch: Investor at AXA Venture Partners

“Zach’s class is a breath of fresh air in the world of finance education. It’s hands-on and engaging. He focuses on real-world professional applications of the material, while offering enough theory to cover the necessary context. He brings thoughtfulness and care to his teaching. I couldn’t recommend him more highly. “

Annika Lewis: Investor at Vandage capital

“Zach focuses on the “why” as much as on the “what” and “how” of venture financing. Rather than regurgitate buzzwords or cookie-cutter case studies, Zach prepared unique cases per each class and dived deep into the intricacies of different models, metrics, and KPIs  — making sure that we had a real conceptual understanding of each of them. Lastly, he is a great teacher and created an excellent online learning experience (one of my best online classes ever). “

BEsart Copa: Student at Georgetown university, fellow at citi ventures

“Zach’s class provides practical venture capital modeling training that is beneficial for anyone who invests in private companies. Regardless of your previous experience, the Modeling for Venture Capital curriculum helps reinforce the fundamentals of cap table mechanics, company valuation, and returns analysis while teaching best practices for financial modeling.

Zach is an exceptional instructor – professional, articulate, and intrinsically motivated to help his students learn. His thoughtful approach to structuring the class made the content highly engaging and provided a forum for me to meet like-minded peers in the industry.”

Ellen Yang: Senior Associate at Gore range capital

“The ‘Modeling for Venture Capital’ course is brilliant. Zach has assembled a highly relevant curriculum, with engaging content for anyone investing in private companies. His awesome teaching style brings concepts to life and fosters interactive sessions. Our batch enjoyed learning together and I have come away feeling much more confident on the fundamentals of finance. I’m hugely grateful to Zach for being so thoughtful and thorough.”

George Ribaroff: Principal at Meridian Street Capital

“I don’t have a finance background and don’t learn well in academic settings, so I when I was looking for ways to build up my skill set for a corporate development job, Zach’s class was the perfect fit. Zach made us all feel so comfortable – I never worried about asking questions, no matter how basic. I learned more, faster, and better than I would have in more traditional settings.”

Glafira Marcon: new product and corporate strategy at rally health

“Zach’s class was exactly the resource I was looking for to dive deeper into venture capital modeling. He has developed an effective curriculum that builds the foundational finance knowledge needed to succeed as a VC. His genuine enthusiasm for teaching stands out, making each class engaging and memorable. Zach’s class sets the standard for what an educational course should be, and I’d recommend it to investors at any level aiming to gain a better understanding of financial modeling in VC.”

Hyder Alabed: Program Director at techstars

“Zach is by far one of the best instructors I have ever come across. From the get go, he creates an environment that encourages questions. Not only has he put together a curriculum that is highly relevant, but he teaches it in a manner that keeps each person engaged and active in the conversation. The best part – Zach goes out of his way to help you post-course, making himself available for questions that come up for you in routine work or interviewing. Take this course whether you know how to model or not, you won’t regret it!”

Jasleen Kaur: Venture Investor at CE Innovation capital

“Zach is a fantastic teacher and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to take his class. Zach is humble, clever, and highly authentic. His passion for teaching shines through in each of his lessons and he goes out of his way to be there for his students. I’d highly recommend working with him.”

Madeline Keulen: Managing Director at Circle Up

“Incredibly grateful for the opportunity to take part in the Modeling for Venture course. Zach is a great teacher – professional, thorough and very methodical. The course is suitable for anyone regardless of their proficiency – his approach and materials allow everyone to benefit and improve!”

Magda Posluszny: Investor at Speedinvest

“Zach’s class is fantastic. The content is must know for anyone in venture capital or thinking about venture capital. Honestly, I’d recommend Zach for anyone in a finance-related role that deals with investing in private companies. In addition to exceptional content, Zach is an exceptional teacher – patient, accessible, and always going the extra mile to ensure his students are getting the most out of the class. I could not recommend his class more.”

Matt Weinberg: Principal at Max ventures

As a startup founder with experience in venture investing, I found Zach’s course to be incredibly helpful for filling in knowledge gaps, and building a much stronger foundation when it comes to financial modeling and reporting. Zach is a very structured and experienced teacher, and I thoroughly enjoyed the course.”

Nick Rasch: Co-founder & coo of cquence

“To anyone who is thinking how to apply what they already know about finance and modeling, and adapt it for the field of venture or technology investing, Zach’s course is a fantastic resource I highly recommend! The course weaves through key stages of a startup ­—from incorporation, to scaling and final exit. The sessions are highly structured — efficient to cover all key points, but also allow for inquiry and discussions, oftentimes surfacing new ideas that are informative for the group. Zach is very approachable and cares deeply about his students, creating a safe and encouraging environment for anyone to excel. I’m immensely grateful for the opportunity to learn with him! “

Rachel QIU: Rotman MBA

“It’s not surprising that Zach’s course attracts investors from analyst to partner at leading funds (Bessemer, Greycroft, GV) and from top institutions (Harvard, Columbia, Stanford). The passion, expertise, and humility he exudes create an intense, collaborative, intellectually stimulating atmosphere. He weaves a latticework of technical points while building cases that leave all students more capable in valuation and modeling.”

Shane Sabine: Venture Partner at NextGen

“Zach Brauer’s financial modeling course was incredibly helpful and I’d recommend it to anyone working in or interested in private investing–at any level. I loved how customized the course is for the VC/growth industry and how great Zach is at explaining complicated concepts as well as simple ones that get overlooked, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Zach is a phenomenal teacher with a unique ability to prepare lessons that can be understood by and engaging to students with no previous finance background as well as students who have been working in private investing / finance for years; everyone in my cohort would look forward to learning something new each class.

I appreciate that Zach is not only good at what he does, but he’s also dedicated: he always stayed late after class and hosted homework review sessions on weekends to make sure no one fell behind. Since having taken the course, I feel so much more confident in my ability not only to build strategic financial models and evaluate a company’s performance, but also to teach founders and other investors how to do the same.”

Tali Vogelstein: Investor at avid ventures

“I am grateful to Zach for the chance to participate in his modeling for venture capital course. His systematic approach to breaking down and explaining concepts allowed us to move from basic finance concepts to more complex and nuanced modeling in a straightforward and easy to follow way. Zach is an awesome teacher, and I enjoyed his class.”

Terri Burns: Partner at gv

“Zach is an educator with practitioner experience. His class is very well structured and caters to both newcomers and experienced professionals. His teaching style is engaging and it is clear he knows his materials very well. By the end of the class, you will be very well prepared to tackle financial modeling.”

Vince Kong: Senior Credit ANalyst at Aflac GLobal Investments

“One thing that I learned in venture is that you will receive different models from different stakeholders (lawyers, etc.), and you could end up with different results based on two models that look different but are both correct and simply use different assumptions. This course really helped build the confidence to know the questions to ask to make sure everyone is on the same page and to save time.

Overall, it helped me build the confidence to more effectively approach the technicalities of venture capital.”

Vincenzo Elifani: Investor at lego ventures

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