Private Coaching

Private coaching is available for individuals and self-selected groups interested in improving their modeling skills

To those interested in private coaching, send a message through the Contact Me page

Standard Course

The standard four-week course Modeling for Venture Capital is known for but offered to an individual or self-selected group. Timing / the days the course is held are adjustable to meet the individual / group’s needs.

Boot Camps

Boot camps can range from one day to a week of one to two-hour sessions. Boot camps can cover a variety of topics. Boot camps have been used to teach an abridged version of the standard course or teach on tangential topics (e.g., qualitative information on the investment / venture industry). At least five students are required for a boot camp.

Specific Topics
(Single or Multi-Session)

Thirty-minute or one-hour sessions to provide consultation on specific questions related to venture capital including modeling, evaluation, interviews, and industry questions.

Interview Prep

Thirty-minute or one-hour sessions to help prepare for technical interviews and case studies in venture capital or private equity.

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